Episode 50 – You Must Write a Book to Be Successful Today …But you don’t want anyone to like your book …. Some ideas for your Thought & Consideration

This weekend and into next week,  I want you to think about writing the book that will share your ideas, and build your impact, influence, and income!  But I also want to issue a life, business, and book challenge,  that was given to me  by a book editor… She said, “Stan, you don’t want people... Continue Reading →


Episode 49 – What Really Matters

Conservatism Bias - No we aren't bashing Fox News. However there are a good number of things happening here and around the world that should, at a minimum, give investors pause. But when the market defies gravity, investors can become like deer in the headlights, not responding as they probably should to new information. It's... Continue Reading →

Episode 44 – Ten Minutes of Clarity – Failure! Failure!! Failure!!! Yes You are going to fail and fail a lot, and if you don’t you are a failure! Let’s talk about that.

I have failed at many things, and have been living in deep shame at some of my failures.  That is part of the pain that I shared on Tuesday’s Episode…So let me give you some idea how I got into these failure messes, and why some people have not.  Many of these good folks have... Continue Reading →

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