Episode 44 – Ten Minutes of Clarity – Failure! Failure!! Failure!!! Yes You are going to fail and fail a lot, and if you don’t you are a failure! Let’s talk about that.

I have failed at many things, and have been living in deep shame at some of my failures.  That is part of the pain that I shared on Tuesday’s Episode…So let me give you some idea how I got into these failure messes, and why some people have not.  Many of these good folks have not because they are just plain smarter, braver, and more accomplished than me.  Some of them have had a run of good luck and fortunate breaks.

But some who have not failed or seldom failed, have really failed, and perhaps failed badly…. here is the irony and the paradox, even double paradox –  If you have a lot of failures in your life you will probably not be a failure.  but if you have none or few failures in your life… you probably are a failure.

I think i know a few folks like that, maybe many, maybe you… so join with me as I try to get some clarity about failure on our WiT Radio Episode today.


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