Episode 59 – Final Episode for awhile – We Start Over Again – thoughts for a shutdown and we will See You In September!

We are going away for awhile because we want to start over our startup and get better than ever, so take about 10 minutes to listen to our story and our swan song. We will see you in September or maybe a little before …all the best to you!


Episode 58 – Roger Ailes Knew Something That Most People Did Not Know! … so welcome to Tell Me Something I Don’t Know!

You may not have liked Roger Ailes or you may have admired him… But he was a tour de force in his industry because he knew things that most people did not know. And so if you are smart enough to try and learn and know things that most people don’t know you will join... Continue Reading →

Episode 54 – “Do You Pray? Do You Ever Pray When You Make Decisions?” She asked the CEO. Well let’s talk about that For Your Thought & Consideration.

That is what the young student asked the CEO…Can you believe it?  Well that story start out our weekend thoughts for your thought and consideration.  And related to that we invite one of our WiT teachers to join us and talk about how he starts his day as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. This is... Continue Reading →

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